Daisy Bateman

Confused Tomato Makes a Friend

As you may recall, I recently mentioned that they are powerwashing and painting the outside of our building. Well, they did the one side, and aside from one broken glass tabletop, that was all well and good. And then we got the notice that they were doing the other side*. And the problem with that … Read more

Fruits of My Garden

That’s right, plural! (Peppers are fruit, right?) Just back from Florida, where everything grows, to find my tomatoes as close to thriving as they have ever come. I counted nineteen total– counting these– including two on Confused Tomato (they are, predictably, confused) and I am starting to feel dangerously optimistic about my chances of success … Read more

The Great Tomato Move

I seemed like things were finally looking up, here on San Mateo’s smallest and least successful tomato farm. The herbs are coming up like crazy,* new little tomatoes were appearing on the plants on a semi-regular basis** and there is one tomato that is actually, genuinely turning red: It’s hard as a little rock, but … Read more

Reports From the Tomato Diaspora

Still no progress on the home tomato front, but fortunately I have my coworkers to pick up the slack. This one came in from Hattie, who lives in Sunnyvale, where they have to get more sunshine or risk charges of false advertising. So she is apparently getting a good crop of tomatoes– yellow and red, … Read more

Breaking Tomato News!

Remember back when I had the seedlings? I had more than I could fit in my available tomato-growing space, so I took the overflow in to work and distributed them to some of my coworkers. One went to Joanna, who lives in somewhat-sunnier Fremont and has an actual garden, and look! A tomato! (Cucumbers also … Read more

Tomatoes: The Next Generation

With reports pouring in from around the country* of tomato harvests, I’m feeling more than a little bit left behind. In fact, for a while there I thought I wasn’t going to get more than those four tomatoes I have been tracking for the last few weeks, which don’t seem to be getting much closer … Read more

A Perseverance of Tomatoes

Back from the North Which May Freeze Sometimes, But Not This Month and happy to report that the tomatoes are doing fine. There are no more than there were, and they’re still green, but thanks to the attentions of the lady we paid to stop by every day and water them (seriously, these are going … Read more

The Tomatoes Are Coming! Maybe!

That’s right, after all this time and all these blog posts, there are actual tomatoes on my tomato plants. I know, I can’t believe it either. Specifically, there are four tomatoes, each on a different plant. This is not, I have to admit, the kind of generous bounty I was anticipating when I planted them. … Read more

Confused Tomato Finds A Way

Confused Tomato doesn’t know why he had to start life upside-down. He has no interest in the idea that it was supposed to be good for him, to protect his leaves from the mold that has claimed the lives of so many of his brethren, and his stems from the strain of too-heavy fruit. No, … Read more