Daisy Bateman

Another Christmas Song

It occurs to me that my Christmas song posts have, in the past, been somewhat negative in nature. There was this analysis of what remains, in my opinion, the most annoying Christmas song ever. (Yes, even worse than the barking dogs. At least they didn’t take themselves so damn seriously.) And, of course, this classic … Read more

Project Hairway: The Return

Back by Popular Demand (by which I mean, Mary mentioned it), I bring you my traditional commentary on the new season of Project Runway, in which I judge the new crop of contestants strictly by their hair. I’m shallow, but consistent. Christopher Straub: Has grown a beard that outlines his face, without actually contributing anything … Read more

Trick My What?

As I am sure you are aware, there is a show on the CMT network called “Trick My Truck,” in which a team of skilled artisans takes relatively ordinary semi trailers (mostly) and turns them into rolling works of modern art, primarily via airburshing. In this week’s episode they help to preserve the sanctity of … Read more

Attn: SciFi channel

I have found the plot of your next TV movie. I’m thinking Josh Duhamel and Jamie Pressly as the maverick scientist and hot park ranger, respectively, and Ray Wise for the evil government flunky. With David Arquette on comic relief and Coolio playing some kind of military guy, of course. And, playing the snake, some … Read more


Well, that last post was kind of a downer. How about something a little more upbeat? There. That’s better. Of course, it would have been even better if they had included these guys. (Original version here)

Coming to Fox, Fall 2009

That previous clip was from a program called “Hole in the Wall” which, as you may have guessed, was adapted from a Japanese game show. And now that American networks have discovered this treasure trove of inspiration from the East I have a feeling we will be seeing more of these beauties. I call this … Read more

Les Mots Justes

Because sometimes life dresses you in a shiny silver suit and sends a giant Styrofoam wall at you with a hole in it you could never possibly fit through, and in that case there really is only one thing you can say:

Project Hairway 2

Project Runway is back, for its last season before the Lifetime crapocalypse! In honor of the event, I am returning with my tradition of judging the contestants by their hair:KellieBeehive, tattoos, black clothes– it’s kind of like if Amy Winehouse discovered deep conditioning and sandwiches. Joe“Hey, did you know there are guys who are, get … Read more