Daisy Bateman

My Early Influences

Were I ever to become famous, at some point someone would probably ask me what works influenced me in my early development. And I would most certainly lie, because the truth would be that it was shows like this: It’s a half-hour animated ad, with commercial breaks! Oh, how I loved Saturday mornings.

Belated Oscars Commentary

Now that it’s a couple of days later, and everybody is completely over the Oscars, I think it’s about time I weighed in with my thoughts. (In the form of a bulleted list, because that’s always fun.) – Ellen: Did pretty well as host, really, one of the more thankless jobs going. Think about it; … Read more

Random TV Show of the Week* 3

*Well, a week. 5takes It isn’t a good sign when a show inspires more interest in the production meetings that the content. Such is the case with the Travel channel’s dopey and yet oddly addictive attempt to connect with the youth market, ‘5takes’. (Note hip lack of spacing.) The premise is simple, yet overinvolved: take … Read more

Random TV Show of the Week 2

Deadliest Catch Recently, someone suggested that, as a writer, I should go and work on a fishing boat in Alaska to gain inspiration. I knew this was a stupid idea, because I watch this show. The thinking behind it is simple: Alaskan crab fishing has the highest death rate of any job in America, so … Read more

Random TV Show of the Week

I’ve decided to introduce a new feature here on the blog, to while away the time until I actually do something interesting enough to write about. And since everyone in the known universe is blogging about American Idol, and I don’t have anything more to say on the subject anyway, I’m going with this. Each … Read more