Daisy Bateman

Coming “Attractions”

Arriving soon on a blog near you*: Ugly Clothes For Rich People, Menswear Edition Perhaps you do not think men’s clothing offers enough scope for an entire blog post mocking its excesses. Perhaps you have not yet seen the three-hundred-dollar swim trunks with eyeballs on them. They don’t even go all the way around the … Read more

Ugly Clothes For Rich People Part V

Summer Edition! See by Chloe shorts, $175 Do you really want to take Cheetos-era Britney as your fashion role model? Rodarte for Opening Ceremony shorts, $764 I’m pretty sure these are lederhosen. I’m entirely sure they’re stupid. Costume National dress, $350 It’s a dress! It’s a bikini! It’s neither! Moschino dress, $1690 If they mated: … Read more