Daisy Bateman

Cheesy Plots With Daisy Bateman Vol. 6

THE NEWS Hello from fall! A Dismal Harvest has been out for six months now, and we’re just getting to the season when it’s set. (My tomatoes are just about done and it’s time to start thinking about planting some winter vegetables, a phrase my Canadian husband found hilarious the first time he heard me … Read more

#MeetThe2020s Week 1

All this month, a group of people who have books coming out next year are doing a thing on twitter where we do short posts every day. But some people value their sanity and aren’t on twitter, so it is for you that I am providing this handy end-of-week wrap up. Here’s the full schedule … Read more

Dispatch From Malice Domestic

This year, for the first time, I went to Malice Domestic, an annual conference devoted to traditional mysteries and the people who love them. The Marriott was a great venue, but we didn’t exactly have the place to ourselves–On the same night as the opening party, a local high school was holding their prom in … Read more

Live-Blogging the Met

Well, live-tweeting actually, since blogger’s mobile interface is, shall we say, poor. But if you feel like it, around 2 pm Eastern time I will actually be physically in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, looking at things and making comments about them on twitter, as @daisyj. I promise to try to find more interesting than … Read more

Blogging the Met: Mostly Jars

They have a lot of stuff at the Met[citation needed]. Pieces of rock that might have been part of something, pieces of rock that might have been used for something, sherds, etc. But, if you are going by the things they have collected that are not pieces of something else, a person might be forgiven … Read more

Blogging the Met: Fair Warning

Pictures of cats: Ancient Syrian Edition The Metropolitan Museum of Art has put its entire collection online. Naturally, I have decided to look at all of it.* Chronologically, of course. I’m in 8000-2000 B.C. right now, and it looks like this is going to take a while. I will be blogging as I go, of … Read more