Daisy Bateman

Walk-Up Music Suggestions For the Oakland A’s: Weirdness Edition

Josh Reddick of the Oakland Athletics is my hero. Not because he is a talented player on my favorite baseball team; that’s a terrible reason to admire anyone.* But recently, and apparently on a whim, he decided to choose as his walk-out music “Careless Whisper,” that George-Michael-and-a-saxaphone classic about the long-term affects of guilt on your … Read more

What’s That Smell?

After all these years of choosing my scents by how much I like the bottle, or whether it has my name, or how much the department store lady intimidates me, or whether Abigail hates it*, I have gotten actually interested in perfumes. I’m not sure what caused it (best guess– delayed response to long-ago posts … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving

Things I am thankful for, a short and incomplete list: my family, my friends, the deliciousness of cheeses, the A’s playoff run and the fact that I was able to sufficiently recover from my bout of food poisoning in time for dinner today. Have a great holiday, everyone, and whatever you do, don’t eat the … Read more

Chain Linking: The Next Big Thing

The following post comes to you thanks to the brilliant and fascinating author Camille Minichino who has generously invited me to join her in the following blog chain. The way this works: Each person gets the same ten questions about their next (or, in certain cases, theoretical first) book, which they must answer to the … Read more

It’s All About You

Your genome, that is. Here to elaborate on that point; a rather adorable animated short: The video is in support of this project and narrated by this guy. One of these things is more fun than the other. And has more profanity.

Stupid Companies Update

Remember this? Well, guess what arrived–twice!– in my inbox today?  Dealix Customer Service customerservice@dealixcarbuying.com to me YOUR OPINION WILL CHANGE THINGS. Dear Daisy Zhu, On 03/05/2012 we put you in touch with Prestige Lexus in Ramsey, NJ regarding a new 2011 Lexus GS RWD 350. We can’t wait to take action based on your opinion. … Read more

Isn’t That Pinteresting?

Fans of pointless social networking activities and terrible puns will be thrilled to learn that I have started using Pinterest, the very latest social media fad to mince down the pike. I don’t fully get it*, and there are plenty of things that are annoying**, but I’m finding it handy for collecting items to be … Read more

Celebrity Cook-Off: Don’t Call It A Recap

Yes, I am watching this show. No, it is not good. It’s so not good, in fact, that it’s kind of great. It’s like a post-bankruptcy Nicolas Cage movie– reeking of make-a-buck desperation and gleeful disregard for the taste level or intelligence of the audience. (Anyone who has seen Ghost Rider knows exactly what I’m … Read more

Shoesday: The Everyday Louboutins

Let’s talk about secret weapons. Actually, scratch that. A secret weapon is only useful if you actually use it, and that can get messy. So let’s talk about weapons everybody knows you have, which are a lot more fun. Also, let’s acknowledge that what we’re really talking about are shoes. Recently, I had a fancy-shoe … Read more