Daisy Bateman

A Nidiface of My Own

As it happens, I’m a big fan of words. (Pause for Cameron to say, “Really?” in a deeply sarcastic tone of voice.) Big words, little words, words I don’t know how to pronounce because I’ve only ever seen them written. Which is why this project appeals to me so much. It’s an attempt being made … Read more

Friday Fun Time!

No shoes this week, because I’m sneaking out early to head to the foothills to go drink wine with a bunch of people dressed like pirates* who may or may not be wearing tasteful boots.** Instead, I give you a Tour Of Things On The Internet. Are these people serious? Because, on the one hand, … Read more

Neighborhood Fruit!

No it’s not a website for those looking for/phobic of cul-de-sacs of the flamboyant. And yes, it does have one of the dumbest taglines I have come across in a long time*. But this website is, in its undeniably loopy and Californian** way, kind of an awesome idea. Basically, if you have a fruit tree/blackberry … Read more