Daisy Bateman

Whinesday: Ow

I hurt. Not psychologically, of course; that part of my soul died years ago. But everything else is pretty sore, because I have made the not-terribly-well-thought-out decision to begin attending a fitness “boot camp” that meets in the park across the street from me. At five-thirty am. Do you have any idea how early it … Read more

Whinesday: Ow! That Was My Tooth!

(Yes, this is two Whinesdays in a row. What can I say, my life is hard.) Dentists lie. Not in general, as far as I know; it’s entirely possible that in their personal lives they are vigorously, painfully honest, annoying their loved ones and embarrassing their friends with their devotion to telling the entire truth … Read more

Whinesday: Hey, This Is Hard

As some of you* may be aware, I have been pursuing a dream of becoming a novelist for some time now. It hasn’t gone very well so far, but that isn’t what I’m whining about today. No, today I’m complaining in advance, because I have realized how tough it would be if I actually succeeded. … Read more

Whinesday: Of Gym Lockers And Head Injuries

Today’s inaugural Whinesday was going to be about leggings, towards which I feel a very strong and entirely reasonable animosity, but recent events have compelled me to make it about something else that is very close to my heart: public gym locker room etiquette. Honestly, I wouldn’t think a post like this should be necessary. … Read more


So, three weeks into this and I seem to have come to the inevitable conclusion: I am not a very good wine blogger. I remain, of course, an excellent wine drinker, but the part where I translate that experience to the written word has so far escaped me, with all of my impressions being either … Read more