Daisy Bateman

San Diego Bits & Bobs

1. At some point during this conference I really should make it out of dinner somewhat sober. 2. I saw a girl in the airport with boots like these, and now I want some. Damn my impressionable mind!* 3. People from Australia are impressed if you know about cricket, even if what you know is … Read more

Conference: Day 0.5

Things I have learned so far today: 1. A small percentage of HIV-infected patients are able to control the disease with slightly autoreactive neutralizing antibodies. 2. The conference doesn’t provide breakfast pastries, only coffee and tea. 2a. There is a Starbucks, but the line is long. 2b. The amount of frosting on the lemon poundcake … Read more

Holiday Weekend Stats

Wine Drunk: >Too Much Writing Done: 0 Bejeweled Blitz Facebook Game High Score: 198,650 Bejeweled Blitz Facebook Game High Score Beaten On Sunday Night By: Cousin Jake’s Wife Jen Times Blanket Covering Couch Washed, Due to Recurrent Cat Pee: 3 “Scat Mat” Brand Electric Cat-Repellent Mats Purchased: 1 Pulled-Pork Sandwiches Eaten: 1 Small But Very … Read more

The Lodi That Wasn’t

Well, it was supposed to be Lodi. Last Saturday we went to go wine tasting in Lodi, inspired by a tasty yet affordable viognier from the area that has become kind of our house (okay, apartment) white. I scoped out their tourism website, wrote down the directions (because my printer is out of color ink … Read more