Daisy Bateman

Let’s Do Some Math!

Drugs – People = Money Drugs – Money = Huffing Whipped Cream Cans at Safeway (People – Money + Drugs)*Dignity^-1 = VH1 People – Pictures + Words = Newsweek People – Words + Pictures = Star People + People = Hell Money + Money = Problems + Problems Money + Money + Money = Must … Read more


This is a sign that’s posted on the Caltrain shuttle: And this is the only type of openable window on said shuttle: I don’t know about you, but I really want to see someone try.

I Am Not Making This Up

You thought I was exaggerating about my cubicle neighbor‘s insanely sycophantic conversation style? Well, I have here a transcript of the majority of the things she said in about two minutes of conversation that proves that I wasn’t: “Okay.”“Absolutely”“Yeah”“Yeah”“Yes, exactly”“Right”“That’s interesting”“Interesting”“Right”“Right”“Sure” Can I start screaming now?