Daisy Bateman

Three Things You Probably Already Heard About

But better safe than sorry: On the one hand, this seems like an excellent idea. On the other hand, having people dressed in full-body-suits grab children in dark movie theaters seems like it might have the potential to go wrong in some way. Final, irrefutable proof that having a child makes you insane. Sometimes, completely … Read more

Comedy Tonight

There are lots of good things about winter in the Bay Area, like that we don’t have one, but the SF Sketchfest is right up there.* Without it, I never would have gotten to see Dana Gould in full monkey makeup, performing as Hal Holbrook doing Mark Twain for the benefit of John Hodgman, and … Read more

So You Think Finland Can Dance

Do not ask why I was searching for “Finnish Tango” on YouTube in the middle of the day. Just enjoy this video about the hairstyles and leisure activities of the mid-eighties in Finland, and appreciate this quote from the intro: “. . .A country where gloom is pervasive. Melancholy, sorrow and shyness abound. All this, … Read more

I Like My Version Better

Recently, I mentioned to Cameron that really I liked the song “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz. It’s fun and upbeat, the sort of thing that would make good workout music, and it had a lyric I particularly enjoyed, about getting ready to go to a club “wearing on my favorite pants.” Unfortunately, on a further listening, … Read more

A Day at the Races

If you were to see me today, you might notice that something is a little odd. “Why is she walking like a brain-damaged penguin?” You might wonder. If you had some free time, you might even ask me, “Hey, what’s wrong with you? Did you lose a fight with a thigh-high bulldozer? Is it even … Read more

What I Love About Country Music

The way it expresses subtle emotions: Joey + Rory, “Cheater, Cheater“* I think the errors add a certain je ne sais spelling. Danielle Peck, “I Don’t“ Not the greatest song ever, but with one of my favorite lyrics of all time in the chorus. Speaking of which. . . Hayes Carll, “She Left Me For … Read more

Emmy Awards Opening Number

The Emmys were, in general, so boring that even though I was stuck on a plane with a limited number of channels and nowhere else to go, I still ended up watching people race food trucks instead, but this opening number, featuring pretty much everyone on TV, is fantastic and you really have to watch … Read more